Marylore Seecharan Illustrations
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Hey Ya!

Here's a bit of my story :)


I'm an artist who loves drawing, painting and connecting with people through art.
French, with a Spanish background I currently live in Dublin.

My mother told me the very first thing I did before I could walk, was to grab a pencil and I never let it go.

I studied Fine Arts in France, and I’m self-taught in the illustration industry. 
I really enjoy drawing animals, plants, and portraits, I can work in a variety of mediums including digital, watercolours, inks, gouaches, pencils. 

My focus is directed towards illustrations for the editorial world including picture books, magazines, and book covers. I enjoy working on projects that have an environmentally aware perspective. 

Besides, I'm found of Chai tea, an unconditional book sniffer (that's a thing for real) and a #catlady without one... yet.

If you wish to work with me, please get in touch: :)



June 2017
Wonder - Filmbase, Dublin

June 2016
Spellbound - Filmbase, Dublin


Masterclass Picture Book Illustration by Adrienne Geoghegan - Dublin, Ireland
Bottle Label Design Workshop by Steve Simpson at the Offset festival - Dublin Ireland

Masterclass Illustration Bootcamp by Adrienne Geoghegan - Dublin, Ireland
Book Cover Workshop by Steve Simpson - Dublin, Ireland

Illustrating Children's Books Course with Ecole Universelle Paris - Online

Fine Arts Degree at Vauban University - Nîmes, France